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unreachable city regardless it shines
shines now again side-by-side we are
dashlit we are still dreaming the unchanging
view breathtaking i.e. air never decides
if it first enters or leaves the lungs
now this is also the past where tenderly
he hates me all over all neon and blur
a skyline a hemline a faroff nearing
the edge again now silent the heart
stunned static my silent silent we’re blinded
by passing headlights who wouldn’t
lose sight our hours our hands incessant so
unequaled you are familiar you are
hipbone and brow you are perfectly
remembered and perfectly indifferent


"Forensic Flyer"
By Uranium Willy

Jeff Koons x Mark Mayr

Luis Hidalgo, “024_VLO,” (2013) included in Paddles ON! co-presented by Tumblr and Phillips (ending July 2).
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